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A friend of mine dragged me back into the magical, mystical land of shiny golden valleys that we call Nostalgia Land. I decided to start playing RuneScape, a MMO that was created back in 2001, which was the coolest game to play back in middle school. The problem with nostalgia is that just because you remember it being good doesn’t mean it actually was.

RuneScape is free to play fantasy RPG run by Jagex Ltd. Now, this game is the epitome of the term “grindfest” as you can spend hours and hours cutting wood to increase your woodcutting skill. There are of course, many skills that even non-paying users can build, but all these take a ridiculous amounts of time to build. You can often find people like lines of fires as people will chop down several trees for their woodcutting and then create fires to build their firestarting skill. Any player can build their blacksmithing to create the strongest armor and weapons, but only paying members can wear that equipment. However, this sort of thing takes a lot of training to get to those levels. Like I said before, this game defines grindfest.

What I like is the absense of classes in the game. Any player can master melee, ranged, magic, or all three if they want to take the time. A lot of the game is just Player vs Environment, but there is a certain forest you can journey to that allows Player vs Player depending on the players level.

The membership is actually very cheap, only about 5 dollars a month. Plus when you sign up for membership, you are allowed to level member only skills. If you cancel your membership, the player can still use their leveled-up member only skills, although they can’t level them beyond that point until their sign up again.

If you are looking for an exciting and original adventure peppered with variety and imagination, then you can do better then RuneScape. However, if your looking for a free way to kill your free time, then RuneScape is for you…



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OMGPOPI’ve recently found myself caught up with an interesting website called OMGPOP is a browser based game community for casual gamers. What this means that if you get several friends together and have them all sign up for this site, you can play a large amount of multiplayer games together. This of course is not original but I bring attention to this site because of how addictive the whole site is. The games are all based on other successful games like Tetris and Bejweled, as well as there is a leveling system to show other players how good you are at the games.

The games are simple, much like their Tetris-styled game called Blockies. However all these games have a competative aspect where not only are you competing to see who will survive the longest, but can also use power-ups on yourself and negative effects on your opponents. There is a game for almost anyone here. There are the simple Tetris-style games or a Mario Kart like game called Hover Kart Racing. My personal favorite is a game called “Draw My Thing” (which is NOT like the title suggests it to be). Its similar to pictionary where one player is given a word and must draw it on their little drawing pad. Then the other players can try to guess the word and are awarded points for correct guesses.

If you don’t consider yourself a serious gamer or have grown bored of your recent collection (though with CoD: MW2 out, I doubt you will be getting bored anytime soon), give OMGPOP a try. Its fun, its simple, its fast, and best of all, its FREE

Latest Releases

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Ok, so maybe I was wrong and all the good games are hitting shelves within a few days. I still think that the Christmas season is terrible. Here are some new releases to check out soon.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – The sixth installment in the Call of Duty series and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4. While this game is highly anticipated, a recent article from ars technica pointed out a very disturbing issue. The new CoD will not have any dedicated servers for online PC play. This is a huge issue seeing as the online play for CoD 4 was so excellent. Here is a link to the article to mentioned article pc-modern-warfare-2-its-much-worse-than-you-thought. Release date: 11/11, for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Left 4 Dead 2 – Valve’s sequel to the popular Left 4 Dead. It’s a first-person cooperative shooter in which you play one of four new characters as they fight the hordes of zombies for survival. There are more weapons, new healing items beyond the med-pack and pills, and 3 new special infected. The demo was recently released for those who have pre-ordered the game, which the demo included the first 2 chapters of the map the Parish. Unlike the previous Left 4 Dead, 2 will feature a connecting stroy arc that takes the 4 survivors across Southern United States. Relase date: 11/18, for the PC and Xbox 360.

I’ll be playing Left 4 Dead 2 for a few days straight so you guys will have to let me know if the new Call of Duty is any good…

DJ Hero

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My first impression of Activision’s DJ Hero was that they were selling out the Guitar Hero series on a whole new level. Not that Guitar Hero: Metallica wasn’t a big enough sell out as it was.

However, I found that DJ Hero is not bad. Now if you are in any bit familiar with the Guitar Hero, rhythm games, then DJ Hero is just about that. You use the turntable controller with 3 buttons. The long notes have been replaced with scratching where you hold a button done and spin the disc. The games has a a massive difficulty curve where the lower difficulties are simple while the upper levels are extream. The game features more than 80 remixes of two different songs from a selection of over 100 different songs across numerous genres. The game features both a single player Career mode and cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. The game also features a mode for selected songs for a DJ player to play alongside another player using a Guitar Hero guitar controller.

There are several artists that not only contributed original songs, but also lent their images as playable characters, including DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Gradmaster Flash, and Daft Punk. Like I said before, there is an amazing selection of songs and graphics are imprssive. Take the time to check this game out, cause if your a fan of Guitar Hero then you’ll at least enjoy DJ Hero.


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Hey everybody, I thought I would let every one know that the site is going to be going through some changes in the next few days. I’ve grown tired of the white on black look and I want to do some serious work on to make it a bit less confusing. I also hope to be get some polls going to see where people stand as of opinions of new games or relase dates. I you want to drop a comment and let me know what you think would work, I would be very gratful.

I think this weekend I’ll be trying out the new DJ Hero. Yes, they really made this game. Almost as crazy as Lego Rock Band. Anyways, I heard that Daft Punk makes an appearance so I am a bit excited.


See ya monday!

Kingdom of Loathing

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Because a lot of people don’t have copious amounts of money to toss around for new games or systems, I spend a lot of time trying to find decent free games out on the internet. Of course, this sort of thing usually doesn’t end well. However, every now and then something great comes around and this is certainly one of them

sword and martini guyKingdom of Loathing is a free browser-based RPG that doesn’t take its self to seriously or anything else for that matter. The back story is that the Naughty Sorceress has imprisoned the king in a prism (imprismed?). This is where you, the adventurer comes in to save the land and free the king. The game is like most RPGs where you select a class. Each of the six classes have their own play styles and skills. However, the classes themselves are a bit odd. There are 2 classes that specialize in one of the stat types, either Muscle (determines damage and hit points), Mysticality (determines magic damage and mana points) and Moxie (determines dodge chance and luck). The classes are Seal Clubber, Turtle Tamer, Pastamancer, Sauceror, Disco Bandit and Accordion Thief. The game is turn based RPG with simple stick figure drawings for everything. The art work is cheap but considering how large the game is and how it’s only a few guys who run the whole, it looks pretty good.

Kingdom of Loathing is a much more of a parady on many diffrent games and has you facing a massive array of diffrent enemies from Ninja Snowmen, Hippies, Frat Orcs, and Zmombies. You can also odd weapons like the Giant Plastic Fork, or a box-in-a-box-in-a-box-in-a-box (seriously). Expect the bizzare and funny in this game, because there is absolutely nothing it takes seriously. The game does have a tendency to be confusing as they will throw you into a quest and all you really know is where to START looking. Also, the currency of the kingdom is meat. It explains how you can get money off of the monsters

A really nice feature of KoL is that it’s free. Yes free, as in you-will-never-need-to-spend-a-dime free. Everything in the game is available without having to pay and you can play the game for as long as you want without subscription fees. However, in order to keep their servers from clogging up, if you don’t log on for 30 days your account will be deleted. However, this doesn’t mean they are apposed to donations. Should you donate ten dollars, they creators will send you a nice Mr. Accessory that provides a nice stat boost or can be traded for great items at the Mr. Store. Should a play have a Mr. Accessory equipped, their account will never get deleted no matter how it’s been since they logged on. Like I said earlier, no item is completely exclusive so you can aquire a Mr. Accessory from the in game market.

Should you find yourself bored with no new games to play, I fully endorse trying out Kingdom of Loathing. It may be weird, but it’s a hell of a lot better than most of what EA can make.


Weekend Update Again! Lego Rock Band?

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I always hate this time of year. Partly because I usually beat my current stock of games around this point, but mostly because we are inching closer to the Christmas season, which brings along what I like to call the “Christmas Blitzkreg”. It’s were every manufacturer in the whole damn world holds off making anything new until the Christmas sales go up and everyone is bum rushing stores to get the latest toy their whiny little 5-year-old wants. The biggest issue is that video game producers have also picked up on this idea, as they will shamelessly delay production so they can capitalize on the Christmas buggery. I’m also going to blame George Lucas too, but I’m still working out a decent reason why.

Considering that I’m currently out games to play now, and with the looming shadow of “Christmas Blitzkreg”, it seems like it’s time to focus my attention elsewhere. I would like to note that Lego Rock Band is coming out for the holiday season, which may seem unappealing to most gamers. However, they will feature “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie, which if you know me personally, you’ll know that it’s reason enough for me to purchase it.


Other confirmed rock stars on Lego Rock Band are Queen, Pink and Blur. You can call this nothing more than a big cash-out for Harmonix (the guys who make these game), but I think if you can get over the gimmicks we may have a nice addition to the Rock Band family. Ok, ok so it probably won’t be but come on, its got David Bowie in it. Freaking David Bowie!


Also I just came up with a way to blame George Lucas. That bastard is always capitalizing on his damn Star Wars that it’s the while freaking reason this “Lego” video game thing is around. So damn you George Lucas…