Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker

I recently acquired myself a Nintendo Game Cube.  Do you remember those suckers? The point is that I’ve been replaying some old titles and I decided to talk about some the better ones.  Lets begin with one of my favorite games, the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was a 2003 addition to the Zelda series and follows closely to the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask in gameplay and appearance.  The game does have some controversy over the cel-shade graphics used, which gives the game a rather cartoon-like look.  The game also spends a large portion of time on the sea, as the location is a series of islands surrounded by vast ocean.  Link spends much of the game on the ocean sailing to new places and fighting on the sea.  While a lot of people felt this mechanic was boring and a giant pain, I rather enjoyed the sailing.  I’ll even go as far to say that I liked Wind Waker even more than Ocarina of Time.

As far as story goes, you almost have the usual Zelda set up.  The Hero Link (or whatever you named him), lives on Outset Island with his Grandmother and his sister.  On his birthday, the beginning of the game, his sister has been kidnapped by a giant bird and Link sets out with some pirates to save her.  He gets to the evil Forbidden Fortress where he meets an evil figure before being defeated and thrown out.  He then learns that the figure is Ganon and he has returned to destroy the world.  Link sets out with the talking ship named The King of Red Lions and learns to control the wind useing the baton, the Wind Waker.  For those who are faimliar with the Ocarina of Time story will soon reconginse sevral of the items Link must conllect in order  to defeat Ganon.

If you own either a Game Cube or a Wii, then I suggest getting this game if you don’t already own it.  Wind Waker is fun, original and a great addition to the Zelda series.


~ by cabboge on December 10, 2009.

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