Epic Mickey

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the readers.  And here is a helpful word of advice

Anyways, down to brass tacks…

So if you haven’t seen this picture yet, this is a concept art for an upcoming gamed called Epic Mickey.  While at first glance, I thought this whole thing was a joke, but a recent article in Game Informant made me look into this a bit more.  Turns out that Epic Mickey isn’t some joke art or a desperate Disney attempt to reach out to older crowds with a darker Mickey.  Well it IS a bit of the last one, but it’s much more of an attempt to rework Mickey as a character.

Basic story goes a such.  Mickey was not Walt’s first creation, but instead his older brother Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was.  Well the story goes that the wizard Yen Sid (oh, I see what you did there) created a miniature world for all of the forgotten creations and Oswald is the first resident.  Well early on, Mickey accidentally spilt paint on the model and poisoned the world with a dark creature called the Phantom Blob.  Years later, after Mickey had become incredibly successful, he is pulled into the dark world and must set things right with a magic paint brush… sort of.

You actually don’t have to set things right. Your actual goal is to escape the dark world and can do this in a number of ways.  Using paint allows you to create platforms and such, while thinner will destroy things.  The idea is that you can choose to be a Hero and save people, or choose to be the Scrapper and destroy everything that keeps your from your path.  Or you can remain neutral and just be a Wastlander.  These things are not choices, but the games reaction to the things the player does.  They will affect even Mickey’s basic pose and how people will react around him.

This game is really starting to look epic and I’m honestly considering picking this up when it releases.  However, you already know much about Disney’s mastery of the muck-ups, it’s only a matter of time.


~ by cabboge on November 26, 2009.

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