Original Left 4 Dead

So all this Left 4 Dead 2 as left me looking up more and more about the story and characters.  Along this time I came across some of the original concept art, story and monsters of the original game play.  I’m posting some of the originals here along with the concepts.

I think the original Louis totally looks like Micheal from the Lost series.  The idea was the the characters have spent quite a bit of time in the infection, giving them this weathered look.  However, this was scrapped for the now current characters to make them look like everyday people that you can see on the street.  Also, notice that Francis is a bit overweight in their original designs.  This explains why in the current game, when Francis shoots Louis, Louis will sometimes say “Go ahead, do it again fat man!”.  In the beta game, Francis and Zoey had a far closer relationship, but this was scrapped because it was to distracting in the game.  While I really like these original characters designs, I think their current set up is far more entertaining.  However, there is one character that I wish had stayed in the game.

This fellow here is the Screamer.  He was set to be a special infected with abosolutly no attacks due to the straight jacket he was wrapped in.  However, what he was designed to due was wander aimlessly while laughing .  When he would notice the survivors, he would take off running and try to hide and it would be up to the survivors to track him down and kill him.  If successfully hidden, he would let out a piercing scream that will attract the horde.  However, the testers thought the Screamer was to hard to locate and could blend to well into a crowd of zombies, making it to hard to avoid the horde.  He was scrapped and the Boomer was given his bile attack as a replacement.

As you have guessed, the Boomer didn’t have his bile attack, but instead would only explode and cause damage to the survivors.  Another intereting set up is the smoker.  The Smoker was originally set to create smoke screens and then pull a survivor out from the group.  He later was given a sort of smoke explosion where he can use smoke to push survivors away from itself.  I have a video from a beta game play that shows the original characters in action along with a smokers original smoke push back attack.  Because the video refuses to embed, here is a link to the site.  Old Smoker video.

I wish that I had the opportunity to have played the beta, but I think Valve made the right choice in the current games.  However, I do wish that Screamer was still around though.  I need more zombies to kill…


~ by cabboge on November 20, 2009.

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