Left 4 Dead 2

Sorry for the late update guys, but I’ve been a bit distracted by something that can only be described as “aswesome”.  Yes, Left 4 Dead 2 has hit shelves as of the 18th and it is truly epic.  Honestly, I don’t think a friend of mine has left his room since the game came out.

L4D2 is very similar to the original Left 4 Dead in terms of game play, but there are now several additions that in my opinion make a great game absolutely amazing.  While the 4 survivors aren’t really related in anyway before, there is a lot more back story on the Infection and how the rest of the world are dealing with it.  The games campaigns also feature an arching storyline, meaning there is reason to why the survivors are in their current location, like how a helicopter saves the 4 in Dark Carnival, but in opening conversation of the next campaign, The Swamp, Rochelle mentions how Nick shot the piloet when he turned into a zombie.  The game takes place in southern United States, about 1 week after the events of the first and 3 weeks after the start of the infection.  The 4 survivors travel from Savannah, Georgia and ending in New Orleans, Lousianna.

The new characters are not just rehashes of the orginal 4, but instead bring a lot of new personality to the game.  Coach, while similar to Bill with his age and knee injury, is know for is constant need to read every sign the survivors pass.  Yes, he even does this during game play and not just during the safehouse beginnings.  Ellis is loves everything and loves to tell stories, especially about his friend Keith.  However, he doesn’t seem to reconginze the most important times to tell stories and will often be cut off by Nick saying, “Ellis? Is now the best time?”.  Nick is the pessemist of the group and has a hard time trusting the others.  He is thought to have some criminal dealings, including knowing that brains can wash out of his white suit.  Rochelle is much more firendly with the others, including Nick who doesn’t seem to get along with the others to well.

There are also 3 new special infected on top the original 5.  The new special infected have a more specific purpose than the original Hunter, Smoker and Boomer, as the new 3 are meant to break up the survivors and force them apart.  The Charger is basically an underdeveloped tank.  It will charge the survivors and will pick one up to begin pummeling them into the ground.  The Spitter will launch acid onto the ground, which survivors will take large amounts of damage from standing in it.  The Jockey is a nasty new infected, as the Jockey will leap onto a survivors back and “ride” them into harms way.  The Jockey can run into fires or witches with a survivor, make them incredibly hard to fight against.  The other special infected have had some appearance makes overs too.

If  your a fan of Left 4 Dead then you’re probably already playing L4D2.  If not, pick it up quick.  The new campains, the challenging enemies and expansive maps make the game one of the best this year.


~ by cabboge on November 19, 2009.

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