A friend of mine dragged me back into the magical, mystical land of shiny golden valleys that we call Nostalgia Land. I decided to start playing RuneScape, a MMO that was created back in 2001, which was the coolest game to play back in middle school. The problem with nostalgia is that just because you remember it being good doesn’t mean it actually was.

RuneScape is free to play fantasy RPG run by Jagex Ltd. Now, this game is the epitome of the term “grindfest” as you can spend hours and hours cutting wood to increase your woodcutting skill. There are of course, many skills that even non-paying users can build, but all these take a ridiculous amounts of time to build. You can often find people like lines of fires as people will chop down several trees for their woodcutting and then create fires to build their firestarting skill. Any player can build their blacksmithing to create the strongest armor and weapons, but only paying members can wear that equipment. However, this sort of thing takes a lot of training to get to those levels. Like I said before, this game defines grindfest.

What I like is the absense of classes in the game. Any player can master melee, ranged, magic, or all three if they want to take the time. A lot of the game is just Player vs Environment, but there is a certain forest you can journey to that allows Player vs Player depending on the players level.

The membership is actually very cheap, only about 5 dollars a month. Plus when you sign up for membership, you are allowed to level member only skills. If you cancel your membership, the player can still use their leveled-up member only skills, although they can’t level them beyond that point until their sign up again.

If you are looking for an exciting and original adventure peppered with variety and imagination, then you can do better then RuneScape. However, if your looking for a free way to kill your free time, then RuneScape is for you…


~ by cabboge on November 13, 2009.

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