OMGPOPI’ve recently found myself caught up with an interesting website called OMGPOP is a browser based game community for casual gamers. What this means that if you get several friends together and have them all sign up for this site, you can play a large amount of multiplayer games together. This of course is not original but I bring attention to this site because of how addictive the whole site is. The games are all based on other successful games like Tetris and Bejweled, as well as there is a leveling system to show other players how good you are at the games.

The games are simple, much like their Tetris-styled game called Blockies. However all these games have a competative aspect where not only are you competing to see who will survive the longest, but can also use power-ups on yourself and negative effects on your opponents. There is a game for almost anyone here. There are the simple Tetris-style games or a Mario Kart like game called Hover Kart Racing. My personal favorite is a game called “Draw My Thing” (which is NOT like the title suggests it to be). Its similar to pictionary where one player is given a word and must draw it on their little drawing pad. Then the other players can try to guess the word and are awarded points for correct guesses.

If you don’t consider yourself a serious gamer or have grown bored of your recent collection (though with CoD: MW2 out, I doubt you will be getting bored anytime soon), give OMGPOP a try. Its fun, its simple, its fast, and best of all, its FREE


~ by cabboge on November 11, 2009.

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