Weekend Update Again! Lego Rock Band?

I always hate this time of year. Partly because I usually beat my current stock of games around this point, but mostly because we are inching closer to the Christmas season, which brings along what I like to call the “Christmas Blitzkreg”. It’s were every manufacturer in the whole damn world holds off making anything new until the Christmas sales go up and everyone is bum rushing stores to get the latest toy their whiny little 5-year-old wants. The biggest issue is that video game producers have also picked up on this idea, as they will shamelessly delay production so they can capitalize on the Christmas buggery. I’m also going to blame George Lucas too, but I’m still working out a decent reason why.

Considering that I’m currently out games to play now, and with the looming shadow of “Christmas Blitzkreg”, it seems like it’s time to focus my attention elsewhere. I would like to note that Lego Rock Band is coming out for the holiday season, which may seem unappealing to most gamers. However, they will feature “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie, which if you know me personally, you’ll know that it’s reason enough for me to purchase it.


Other confirmed rock stars on Lego Rock Band are Queen, Pink and Blur. You can call this nothing more than a big cash-out for Harmonix (the guys who make these game), but I think if you can get over the gimmicks we may have a nice addition to the Rock Band family. Ok, ok so it probably won’t be but come on, its got David Bowie in it. Freaking David Bowie!


Also I just came up with a way to blame George Lucas. That bastard is always capitalizing on his damn Star Wars that it’s the while freaking reason this “Lego” video game thing is around. So damn you George Lucas…


~ by cabboge on October 23, 2009.

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