I’m not a fan of the Nintendo DS. I used to be a huge fanboy of Nintendo back in the days of Nintendo 64 and the Gameboy Advance, but their recent attempts have really made me miss it all. I can’t get into the Wii because anything that makes the most of the motion sensor make me feel like a giant idiot stomping around and flapping my arms. I also never got a DS because I already own a PSP and I would rather have a nice big screen rather than two screens including one that has a possibility of breaking anytime I rage quit.

That out of the way, I’m now eating my worlds and putting the money down for a DS. I could give all the reasons but the important one right now is Scribblenauts.

scribblenauts-ds-game-box-artwork Scribblenauts has one simple premise. You play as Maxwell. Maxwell needs to collect Starites (it is always stars). Maxwell has a magic notepad with him that will summon anything he writes. Want an axe? Go for it. Need a jetpack? Why not? Need to ride a velociraptor while wielding a lance? Perfect. When they say everything is possible they mean it. Mostly. There are some limits, like you can’t spawn anything copyright. But most everything else is possible including internet memes. Yes, it is possible to spawn Long cat or Ceiling cat or if you aren’t sick of it already, a RickRoll.

I do have a few negatives like the movment. You click on the touch screen where you want to go and Maxwell will go charging straight there with no care about whats in his way. This can be a big problem when lava pits or dragons stand in your way. Also, if there are any enemies you need to defeat in a level, all you need to do is summon Cthulu and have him take everything out. When he is all done, you can drag him up to the trash and delete him from the level so he doesn’t eat you too. It’s great a first, but considering you can do this in nearly every level, the only remaining challenge is to find the most bizzare way to accomplish the task.

In summery, Maxwell get stars by use a magic notepad to summon EVERYTHING. If you own a DS or have any intention to purchase one, be sure to pick up Scribblenauts as this is one of the most creative, orginal and fun games I’ve played in the pasy year.


~ by cabboge on October 22, 2009.

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