MMO rundown

With the rising popularity of MMORPGs I thought it would be fair if I make a quick rundown of some diffrent MMOs for anyone who may be interested. If you don’t know what an MMORPG is, go read the last post before this one because I really don’t want to have to write everything out again.

There are three diffrent MMOs I tried out, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, Mythic’s Warhammer Online, and Turbin’s Dungeons and Dragons Online. I quickly realized that I choose three that were very similar in genre, that is fantasy RPG style. I bring that point up because there are other MMOs that have diffrent themes or even play types than that, but for now I’m sticking with the basics.

There are several areas that I looked at when playing these games. The first was it’s gameplay. I’m not saying that I want a “simple” game, but I want to be able to figure out what to do at begining levels without a hundred tutorials. Next was story. While story in an MMO isn’t vivtal if your playing it for PvP (Player verse Player) reasons, but to me it’s all still a game and I want some lore. Next was PvP, or more accuratly, how balanced is the game. Finnaly there was the asthetics of the game. How good does it look and how well does it run.

index-world-of-warcraft-logo Well lets start easy with World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft (WoW) is Blizzard’s latest edition to the Warcraft series. The game play is simple enough with the “click on this to destroy it and hit these buttons to shoot a fireball”. There are small help boxes that are easy to get rid of if you don’t need the tutorial. However, level ten is a bit unforgiving. Once you get into the talents things get a bit confusing. However, there are plenty of sources that will help you pick a a good specialization. The story is well done if you take the time to read it all, but the reality is that they really hope that the players will make their own stories. The RP (Role-Playing) servers are more often full of idiots who don’t RP but if you find the right group or guild it can be a lot of fun. The PvP is very dedicated which is nice if you really focus on PvP, but it also isn’t massively vital. You can still play the game without PvP and have fun. My biggest complaint on the PvP is how into some people get. It’s ok that we lose, it’s only a game. The game does have lower graphics compared to a lot of games on the market now, but I like that. It means that there is more on the screen and the computer won’t crash. They have made plenty of updates with the expansions and patches, but the game still runs fairly smooth.

test_war_logo-1line-shield-white Warhammer Online is based off of the Warhammer miniature game (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). This game is simple the same way a rubik’s cube is simple. With an impressive amount of things going on and a specialization tree that makes no sense to those who play the game normally, I think simplicity is out for this game. The lore of the game is there and well presented, if only I could get to it. A lot of the game revolves around their “public quests” in which a group of players fight together to complete an objective. However, with a lack of players means that the quests are damn near impossible and the story that goes with it is lost. Warhammer is very PvP oriented which would be a lot of fun except for one small thing, a lack of players for the PvP. I find either I can’t find anyone to fight or I’m getting ganked the whole time which has lead to several rage quits. All I’m going to say is the Warhammer is in serious need of some balancing. Warhammer requires quite a bit to play and to say the least, it looks great. However, no matter what computor I run it on, it feels like I’m playing in stop-motion because the graphics clog everything up. Don’t get me wrong though, game looks freaking awesome.

DDO-Logo_sm DDO is supposedly based on the 3.5 DnD system, but both my friend and I agree that it’s more based on the 4.0. If your not familar with the DnD system then the character creation will be confusing for you. As for the story, this game certainly took time with it all. I didn’t get to the upper level because my computer gave out and refused to play it again or do anything for that matter. But from what I did play, the story was well done. Again, my computer stopped working so I didn’t get to try out the PvP but considering that DDO was a game where you get bonus stuff when you “donate” to the game, I think it might have some balance issues. This game is also on the level of Warhammer in that the graphics are quite excellent, but maybe thats why computer gave up on me. Still, impressive for a free to play game.

Here is how the whole things boil down. Do you want a cheap game that plays well and is easy to learn, but is full of idiots who complain constantly about stupid things? Play World of Warcraft. Do you want a cheap game that looks great and is very orginal, but has serious gameplay and balance issues? Play Warhammer Online. Do you want a free game that looks good, but is slightly complicated and has the best stuff for those who pay? Play Dungeons and Dragons Online.


~ by cabboge on October 16, 2009.

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