Heros of Newerth

Like usual, I didn’t play a single game that I wanted this weekend, but I instead got to play a game that is based on a mod for another game that was so popular that when you ask people if they had played the game they respond by saying that they have only played the mod.  Can you guess what we’re talking about today? Yes, the Warcraft 3 custom map mod called Defense of the Ancients.

Let’s recap some history here. For those who know about DotA and Warcraft 3, feel free to skip to the end.  Warcraft 3: Rain of Chaos is the third installment to Blizzard Entertainment‘s successful list of Real Time Strategy games (RTS) including Warcraft and Starcraft.  Later Blizzard releases Warcraft 3: the Frozen Throne, an expansion pack which offered 3 more campaigns and a list of new units and heroes.  Warcraft 3 gained new fame when a group releases a special map called Defense of the Ancients (or DotA as it’s more commonly known. I’ll call it that from here on out).  The objective of DotA is simple, every player on either side (5 players for the side of the Sentinel and 5 for the Scourge) picks one hero with special abilities and and strengths.  The heroes then try to push their creeps (units that are computer controlled and only work on a set path) to destroy towers and their opponets home base.  Of course, the heroes can fight, level up for new abilities, gain money and purchase stat boosting items to give them the edge in battle.  DotA has become incredibly successful now and is so popular that when you ask someone if they have played Warcraft 3, they respond with “Yeah I’ve played DotA”…

Some of the developers of DotA decided that they wanted to make their own game engine and thus was created Heroes of Newerth.  Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is an original engine for the game, but in all reality it exactly the same as DotA.  The main and most obvious difference is the name changes of all heroes, items, and abilities.  I understand that in DotA they are still using Warcraft 3, so there is no breach in copyright because Blizzard does own the game, but because HoN uses it’s own unique game engine and is completely separate from the Warcraft universe, they changed the names to avoid copyrights.  Using HoN will also track your wins, losses, how much gold you’ve acquired, how many hero kills and deaths you have, and even track how many denies you aquire along with a list of other trackers.  There is also easy clan creation so friends can all use similar tags.  The game is still in beta testing, so severs are a bit troublesome at times and some heroes are less balanced than others, but its a beta version so these things are to be expected.  Check out the website and these screen shots cause this game looks great.

Heroes of Newerth screenshot

If your a fan of DotA, I would suggest trying the beta out for Heroes of Newerth.  Trust me, the name changes are really confusing, but hang in there and play 3 or 4 matches before deciding to switch back to DotA because most people really get into the improved graphics and smoother game play.  If you haven’t played DotA, try out HoN because you’ll be starting at square one much like most of the DotA crossovers.


~ by cabboge on September 28, 2009.

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