New Game Review!

Here is my new review of… Alright, so maybe I didn’t get anything done.  I tried, but honestly I have to get this homework done and I really can’t afford to be buying or renting games constantly.  Not to mention that this weekend I was at the United State Institute for Technical Theatre, which is a just a convention for those involved in technical theatre.  I did however get the chance to try a few things out, so lets call these first impressions…

The_Beatles_Rock_Band_box_artFirst game I got to try out was the highly anticipated Beatles: Rock Band and it does not disappointed.  Now I only got to try some quick play so I guess I didn’t get the full experience. Despite that, I thought the game was beautiful.  The Beatles look great and their appearance changes to match their current style at the time of the song.  From what I’ve heard, the career mode lets you play all the different times of the Beatles career from the 40 years of stardom.  With 45 tracks available and more for download soon, I’m getting my hands on this as soon as some real money rolls in.

I should also confess that I got a chance to try out Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was only about 30 minuets of play but that was enough to sell me.  I’m really hoping to get a copy of this and bust some heads in with awesome Batman Utility Punching Fist.  No it’s not a real item, just a bad joke for punching people in the face.  Idiotic comments aside, this game really comes out like a punch to the face.  It looks absolutely amazing in game and combat controls are simple yet intuitive.  I also enjoy the counter attack system, but it always bothers me when Batman will counter a guy by grabbing the lead pipe out of his hand and hitting him with it, but he never just holds onto it.  WHY? I understand why Batman doesn’t use guns, but seriously? He can easily hold onto a pipe and beat somebody’s face in.  I will like to say that it took me far to long to realize that you have to press a button for Batman to run.  I mean, yeah it’s all badass when he walks close to someone to beat them up, but seriously why can’t we make run a normal movement considering that walking takes far to long.  All in all, this game is great and also makes my wish list of games I need to play.  As a reward for reading this whole thing, here’s Batman about to use the Utility Punching Fist…batman-arkham-asylum


~ by cabboge on September 21, 2009.

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