More Dissidia…?

I know I promised to present a list of characters from the new Dissidia: Final Fantasy, but honestly this feels like a big cop-out for me, like some kind of terrible excuse for being terribly lazy.  I was planning on using that for Friday’s update.  Here is a lovely review that I found floating around the Escapist forums and it made think why I even bother doing this stuff when there are people making easy to read yet full reviews on a forum.  Anyways here’s the shiny link.

It’s this sort of thing that reminds me why I joined up with the Escapist Magazine forum community.  A majority of the people are average to nearly hardcore gamers who just talk about games or other topics and the moderators are quick to bust down spammers, hackers and trolls.  I really enjoy being a part of it and the forum isn’t to confusing if your fairly competent with these sort of sites.  I usually find myself lost at as I really have no idea what half the lingo is and if you don’t spend hours a day on the internet for fun the DO NOT go to 4chan.  I promise you will most likely regret it.  This isn’t to say 4chan is bad, just a bit disturbing at times…

What were we talking about? Right, Escapist.  The Escapist is also home to the infamous Zero Punctuation and a number of other great internet shows about diffrent games.  If your a D&D fan I would highly recommend Unforgotten Realms, which is the epic tale of Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon, the dual nunchuk-wielding sorcerer and Eluamous Nailo, Master Wizard in training (AKA Rob and Mike).  I’m also a huge fan of Unskippable which just takes the ever so long intro scenes from games and adds a Mystery Science Theater style commentary.

Zero Punctuation logo

I guess I found what this post is going to be about…  Anyways, here is a video for your viewing pleasure and sign up with Escapist if your a big gamer cause I genuinely think you wont be disappointed….

Unskippable: Lost Planet

Also I’m disappointed in some one because I can’t seem to figure out how to embed a video without it being from Youtube.  I really don’t know who to be disappointed in, either with WordPress from not letting me embed this, with Escapist for making their embed code wrong, or me for being this incompetent with the whole system…


~ by cabboge on September 17, 2009.

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