Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game and thought “Gee I wish I could do all those cool things they do in the cut scenes!” Well wish no more wishful thinkers, because now there is Dissidia: Final Fantasy.Dissidia logo

First off, Dissidia is not a new addition to the series of Final Fantasy, but it is more of a spin-off fighting game.  Created by SquareEnix, the creators of the Final Fantasy series, and exclusive to the PSP, though we’ll see how long that lasts considering how well the PSP did.  As the story goes, Cosmos, God of Harmony, and Chaos, God of Discord, are battling in a dimension diffrent then those of the other Final Fantasy stories and are recruiting soldiers from other worlds to fight.  The main characters from the first ten games of the Final Fantasy series appear along with their main villain from the respected game. The story mode begins with Cosmos and her last few warriors fighting a desperate battle against the forces of Chaos.  If your a story buff, which you would kind of have to be in order to really play a Final Fantasy, you’ll want to begin with the story mode.  You’ll play one of the ten heroes in their story to retrieve their crystal from their nemesis.  You can also play regular story mode where you can play one of the twenty characters to earn experience and items for your characters.  I’ll include a list of characters in another post coming soon.  I would include it now, but honestly it’s a lot for post.

The next question is how well does a Final Fantasy based fighting game play?  Despite a difficulty curve that’s more indecisive than A.D.H.D. kid in store full of shinny pebbles, the game plays really well.  Well it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they game uses a level system that allows you the character you play more to grow stronger after each fight.  This can be really nice to when you need to conquer some of the portions that will beat you senseless.  There are two types of attacks, ones that steal “Bravery”, which effects both attack and defense, and there are the regular damage attacks.  As you fight, you will collect EX which when you’ve filled your EX meter, puts you into EX Mode.  Ex Mode basically give you a instant victory as your character will use their limit break they are know for.  I would say it’s made of win, but then I would have to strangle myself.  The controls can be a bit stiff, as trying to click to many buttons can cause your character to forget what they were doing.  Like I said before, the difficulty curve is a annoying as one battle it seems like you’ve mastered the game and the next the AI didn’t even break a sweat.

All together, Dissidia is an exceptional game and Final Fantasy fans will not be disappointed.  With excellent graphics, an orginal and interesting story and superb game play, Dissidia is a must have for any PSP owner.


~ by cabboge on September 16, 2009.

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