This was a Triumph

Well here I sit twiddling my thumbs while I get to watch all the other children going into game stores and purchasing all the copies of The Beatles Rock Band and I’m stuck out here with no money because I’m stuck waiting for my paycheck to roll in…

Sorry I’m a little bitter but onto happier subjects.  To pass the time I have to wait to acquire Rock Band, I’ve been taking a few steps back and looking over the games I haven’t played in a while.  This brought me spiraling into the wonderful and magical adventure that is the Aperture Science Laboratory and the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.  Yes we are taking a trip into Valve’s portal based FPS puzzle adventure, Portal.

Have you played Portal? No? Ok well stop reading this, go out to Target, purchase this game for $20 (It’s the Orange Box and it comes with 5 games in one. You can’t go wrong.).  Now go play this game and return when you’ve beaten it.  It will only take about 2-3 hours (or 4-5 if your especially ham-handed).  It’s ok, we’ll wait.

Are you done? Good.  I really don’t feel like this game needs to much explaining other than it will be one of the best games any person will play.  The main goal is not to kill everything (unlike most FPS games), but instead to solve a series of complicated, physics related puzzles using a portal gun to create portals that allow the character to move blocks, drop onto platforms and sneak up on turrents with ease, all with the promise of tasty cake at the end of the game!

If your looking for a real challenge then I would suggest the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text based adventure game. Trust me, this game is damn near impossible, but nothing beats a game written by Douglas Adams.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text based adventure game


~ by cabboge on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “This was a Triumph”

  1. I really need to see what this portal is all about! I admit I read the rest of the post without buying and playing it…I don’t like “rules”.

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