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I apologize to my those who actually check this site cause I’ve been  behind on these posts.  Hell today’s post was suppose to be up yesterday, but I’ve been playing a little game called “I need to do my damned homework before I flunk out of college”… anyways enjoy yesterday’s/today’s post…

Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee

Its a Wednesday (was a Wednesday) and these days are my favorite days.  For those who are regular views or the internet extrrrravaganza that is Zero Punctuation will also share this sentiment.  For those who don’t know ZP or the fast-talking video game destroyer Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, it’s time to enlighten you.  Zero Punctuation is a video review series created Ben Croshaw and is featured on The Escapist Magazine website, which is a video game oriented site with forums for those who are regular visitors.  Yahtzee, who’s avatar is shown on the right, is a British-born, currently Australian based writer and gamer who not only contributes to the online world with his hilarious view on reviewing games, but also designs freeware games and writes for PC Gamer, another well known gamer magazine.

Of course, as the skeptics that gamers tend to be, here is proof that Zero Punctuation is worth a visit every Wednesday… is what I would be saying if I could get the video to embed into this blog.  Anyways, here a shiny link to the video I was TRYING to get in here.  I’ll also include a link to both Zero Punctuation here and a link to Yahtzee’s web page Fully

I’m still looking for new suggestions of reviews people would like to see up so drop a comment or if you know me in person, drop a comment because I’ll forget otherwise…


~ by cabboge on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Zero Punctuation”

  1. all about rock band beatles edition

    • I like rock band. I like the Beatles. Honestly, this game combination really couldn’t get better unless it was involving Marvin from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy somehow…
      Wait what were we talking about? Anyways, yeah if I can get my hands on it then expect to see it up here in a couple of weeks…

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